Charlie's booth

Paris - Beverly Hills - New York

By appointment only, Charlie can see you face to face in Paris, Beverly Hills and New York.

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Wear the same makeup as usual. Given that this is a global process, Charlie does not differentiate the time allocated to the haircut, hair coloring, or makeup.

For any additional information, please give us a call:
+33 6 25 42 74 80

Your style, appearance and personnality will be revealed through the process of discovering your own personnal beauty, and Charlie will make her personnal mission to do so. This includes a haircut, hair coloring, hairstyling, makeup, and dressing tips. Please be mindful that between 1 and 2 hours of your time will be required. Kindly come dressed in your favourite outfit, the one in which you feel the most beautiful.

« Because in every woman there is a star! »