Dressing up


HE: Raphael lives in Beverly Hills and started in fashion with Babeth Djian, editor-in-chief of the of the very avant-garde and prestigious magazine NUMERO.

SHE: Charlie lives in Paris. She has a wealth of experience working with the stars for 30 years on photo shoots for the biggest and most prestigious magazines like Vogue, Elle, Madame Figaro, Marie Claire, not to mention the Cannes Film Festival.

As a DUO: Together they will study your body type, help you highlight your beauty assets so that your look will be enhanced and reveal a style which reflects your personality.

« Because your image is the message you want to convey, not only in your work but also in love, it must be the cover of the book of your life. »

Steps and rates for a clothing makeover

Step 1

You mail them 10 photos of yourself in your main outfits so that they can evaluate your wardrobe and make a study of the shapes of clothing that showcase you.

Step 2

Raphael and Charlie will give you a written report on your wardrobe, the style of clothing that suits you and embellishes your style and silhouette.

Step 3

They will come to you to sort out your wardrobe and to advise you on the missing pieces, before the next step, which is to go shopping with you to complete your outfits.

Step 4

They will accompany you for a personal shopping session in stores, chosen according to your budget, to complete and stylize your wardrobe in harmony with your personality.

Step 5

Once you have defined your style, to avoid bad purchases or those that you regret, Charlie and Raphael offer you a quarterly or annual package to accompany you virtually on each of your purchases. Sending or texting your photo taken in the fitting room will be enough for them to answer you instantly.
*This step also applies to the choice of accessories.


Step 1 & 2: 300 €
Step 3: 250 € per hour
Step 4: 250 € per hour
Step 5: Quarterly package 150 € (for 2 sessions) or annual package 500 € (for 10 sessions)