Charlie is to hairstyling what Chanel was to haute couture

Style, boldness and a passion for elegance

Charlie is an artist. She conceives each hairstyle as a work of art, and each woman as a unique personality.

Charlie's offer

A quartet: custom made cut-color-hairstyle-make-up

Like a virtuoso, Charlie highlights the charm and presence that make up your beauty capital. She reveals your style, and puts it in harmony with your inner personality.

A tête à tête with Charlie

An exceptional beautician, Charlie welcomes you personally in her workshop overlooking a garden close to Place Vendôme. She takes charge. With just one look and three questions, she has defined the way you live and adapts your style to your temperament. This is done with elegance, chic, modernity and with music.
In the hands of Charlie, who is an expert in the art of hairstyling, you feel like the stars who trusted her with creating their portrait. Stars like Isabelle Huppert or Sharon Stone – on the cover of Paris Match and Madame Figaro, or Isabelle Adjani, with mermaid hair, photographed by Richard Avedon for Photo. They made the covers of international magazines. As for Catherine Deneuve’s mythical haircut, Charlie created it for Yves Saint Laurent’s 50 years’ retrospective in ELLE magazine. It became a sensation around the world within 24 hours. It was like a tsunami! Coverage was published in 65 countries. “With this cut, I became known to the international public and to everyday women,” says Charlie. “It propelled my career.”

A colorful encounter

Whether it’s platinum, black, red, pink or pearl gray hair, color is essential. It brings depth and contrast to a cut, and brightens your complexion in a lovely way. A successful color is the one that is believed to be your natural color highlighted by the sun. All this is done without stress, whether your hair is curly, shoulder length, braided, or if you have a chignon. Charlie only asks for you to trust her and to close your eyes. While you listen to music, Charlie sculpts your hair, colors it and does your makeup. Open your eyes. How wonderful! Yes, Charlie has brought light to the star within you.

Final touch: dress relooking

Why not try it? All you have to do is take twenty selfies in different outfits. Charlie revisits your wardrobe with you, she analyzes your colors, your silhouette, your choices, re-inventing your style. “Because your image is the message, you want to project to the world in every circumstance.”


Charlie takes a picture. Look at this very seductive and confident woman.  It’s you.

Charlie en particulier

To fulfill your most ambitious dreams