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This book is currently available in digital format, which is why it is free. It will be available for purchase in hard copy after the Facebook trial.

The things in my life

It is impossible to talk about my career without addressing my personal life, because the two are intimately linked. I have led my life as a woman, a mother and an artist without dissociating them from the paths that have intersected, with their pitfalls, their joys, their sorrows and their beautiful encounters.

I see only one essential constant on this double path strewn with ups and downs: I have always listened to my instincts and my heart, and they are the ones who have guided me. I owe everything to this little inner voice which has always followed me, even when I was overwhelmed with doubts. It allowed me to overcome hardships without having to rely on the vision of others. While surrounded by a group of friends, I have often experienced a deep loneliness, while at times I felt deeply accompanied and understood in the company of a stranger.
Every day I had to fight to stay on track and chart my course so as not to end up on the sidelines of life nor sink into the depression that awaited me. When you are in the limelight, everything can change very quickly. The hardest thing is not to be at the top of the class but to remain so. Because within the environment in which I evolved, we are always at the mercy of one false note of a rumor or a betrayal.