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Film Sarah Moon for Cacharel, hairstyle Charlie

Charlie’s values

“Charlie is to hairstyling what Chanel is to haute couture”

Film Sarah Moon for Cacharel, hairstyle Charlie

As an artist, Charlie approaches each hairstyle as a work of art and meets each man and woman as a unique personality.
She knows how to highlight your beauty in accordance with your personality.

A session with Charlie is above all a meeting with oneself and nothing escapes her. 

Her strength is to subtly blend the cut, color, hairstyle, makeup and clothing advice with an understanding of your body, your look, your allure and your way of being in the world.

A style of audacity and a passion for elegance !

This transformation or Relooking is the goal of Charlie’s quest, which is to give ease and reveal the uniqueness that each person carries within.

Her only need is for you to trust her completely like the stars she’s been taking care of

Catherine Deneuve’s famous haircut made the cover of ELLE and was released in 65 countries. It was one of Charlie’s most beautiful creations.

« What’s certain is that each personality harbors an inner beauty and it’s this inner beauty emanating from the men and women coming to me that is the source of my inspiration. »

Charlie en particulier