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Dépliant leçon de maquillage gratuit à partir de 50€ d’achat.

Dépliant leçon de maquillage gratuit à partir de 50€ d’achat.

Presentation film about the philosophy
and history of Charlie En Particulier.
Available in 10 languages with subtitles by clicking on

Rent Charlie’s Tutorials, you will have all the secrets of this Maestra of beauty

Charlie offers 3 types of Tutorials :

Unpublished online videos

My tutorials

Videos for rent directly on this site to learn her techniques for cuts, colors, and makeup.

Rental 65€


Haircuts / Colors / Make-up

A group section of 1/2 day

A half-day one-on-one session with Charlie to discover the secrets of her transformations (cut, color, and makeup).

Price 455€/pers.



A group section of 1h30

A 1h30 makeup lesson one-on-one with Charlie to master your techniques for perfecting your look.

Price 300€/pers.

Charlie invites you into her world with beauty tutorials for professionals or individuals, available for rent or in one-on-one sessions with her.

These Tutorials films are the property of Charlie En Particulier Production – It is therefore prohibited to copy them. To do so is an offense defined in article 331-1 of the penal code as “the fraudulent subtraction of the thing of others.” In other words, it’s the fact of grabbing in a fraudulent manner something that belongs to someone else. Criminal sanctions for a “simple” theft are punished with three years in prison and 45,000 euros fine.