Charlie’s values

The field of beauty is more and more linked to that of well-being.

For Charlie it means a real self-awareness, a way for each woman to claim her personality.

A session in her creative studio is not like a session at the hairdresser.

Charlie subtly combines cut, color, hairstyle and makeup with an understanding of a woman’s look, allure and body

–with her way of being in the world.

Couleur de cheveux - Charlie en particulier

« If Chanel gave women freedom, Yves Saint-Laurent gave them power » said Pierre Bergé. And Charlie gives them the confidence to claim their unique beauty. Creating a hairstyle, applying makeup and enhancing a woman’s elegance is not work for Charlie. It comes down to a process that flows in four phases – the cut, the color, the makeup and the dress makeover.


« Hair is what you notice first, so hairstyle is crucial, especially in case of an upheaval in one’s life. The purpose of a haircut is to embellish the silhouette to be in balance with one’s features, hair type and personality. Color should not look as if it was done at a hair salon; it shouldn’t be a veneer. Color brings depth and contrast to a cut. It brightens your complexion, whether your complexion is light, golden or brown. »


As far as Charlie is concerned, color is not a mask. She starts with your base and keeps it. And what about white or gray hair?


« I do not necessarily hide it. Having to do your roots every two weeks is a constraint. I mix them up with highlights, pearly or milky tones. A color is successful when people believe it is your natural tones, to which the sun has given a sheen. »

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I’m not styling heads
but beings.

Makeup follows the same trend; it is not necessarily arty or nude. « I modify according to your features : a touch to the eyebrows to illuminate your eyes, very black eyelashes to contrast with the color of your eyes, a touch on the cheeks, and softly play, or not, with lipstick. »


A meeting with Charlie is above all a meeting with oneself. Nothing escapes her. A silhouette or a makeover is very important. Whatever the size, weight, age or style, Charlie strives to give or restore confidence in each woman. « A woman must feel pretty from every angle without feeling hung up–straight on, in profile and from the back. I love challenges, flaws. I play with codes and anti-codes of beauty or what society considers beauty. A few extra pounds? So what? It all depends on the woman. Marilyn Monroe wasn’t thin! Having curves or being slender, everything can be beautiful in a woman, as long as it is highlighted. You don’t like your nose? Maybe it’s a matter of proportions–bangs or a lipstick can give it real personality. »

Le maquillage - Charlie en particulier
Les vêtements - Charlie en particulier

« As for clothes, don’t neglect the basics, like a crisp white shirt, or a bag that follows the body’s movement. If the color of a particular sweater clashes with a specific skirt, I will make it work with something else. What’s important is to make alliances to match colors, lines, textures, cuts, so that each woman feels good, whether at the office, with her family, on a trip, in a relationship, or alone. »


Makeovers are fully part of Charlie’s quest. They provide ease and reveal the star within each of us. « When I walk into my studio, I don’t think that I’m coming to work. I think that I’m coming to be. That’s what I wish for all women. » This is what Charlie conveys with a visible joie de vivre. Those two hours with her? It is like a recess with music, which continues to follow you like a melody or a perfume, leaving a unique trail behind you.

Because your image is the message you want to get across to fulfill your most ambitious dreams…